Without a doubt more info on Wonderland.

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Without a doubt more info on Wonderland.


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In front of her brand new show, multimedia musician Lotte Andersen talks telling lies and dropping in love.

About what event can you lie? For most people the solution is, in fact, many times. We lie to the parents. Our landlords. The complete of Instagram. We lie to ourselves.

It’s a distressing reality, but one multimedia musician Lotte Andersen wishes us to manage. Her one-night display “How Do you’re feeling About Lying”, an event that is section of Tate Modern’s “Uniqlo Tate Lates” show, explores the reason we pretend become perfect. The five-channel video installation questions the performative aspects of a new relationship and our frantic attempts to conceal the parts of ourselves that might be harder to love with a focus on falling in love. While facades inevitably fade, the concern stays as to the reasons we attempt to hide why is us completely human being, and just how do we experience telling those lies?

Nicely after Lotte’s previous work, the installation should include video clip of past jobs. Photos taken in the evening can also be utilized in her ongoing project “Dance Therapy”, an interactive show that explores your body as a niche site for healing, the dynamics of club tradition in addition to politics of using up space.

“Dance Therapy” stemmed from MAXILLA, Lotte’s evasive but West that is legendary London evening, which switched in its dance shoes circa summer 2016. Available to all (advertised via her DIY cut and paste posters), the MAXILLA series forged an available, accepting area that brought together a truly eclectic mixture of people. Also assisting friendships, it helped Lotte form her very own artistic ethos and aesthetic, both of which filter into her work today.

Like “Dance Therapy” and MAXILLA, “How Do You Feel About Lying” uses sound, printing, video clip and live concert, producing an immersive and collaborative experience. Appear without objectives – Lotte’s could be the variety of powerful, provocative art that changes views.

We talked to your artist about love, lies and things to expect tonight…

Exactly what do you inform us about “How Do You Feel About Lying”? The knowledge on the internet is all extremely evasive. That’s extreme personallyly me personally! It’s a five-channel movie installation with sound work. It features archive footage of a performance i did so last year called “Karaoke Party”, or “The Ballad of Two individuals Falling in Love”, that was done inside of some other ongoing task that I’ve shown a lot called “Dance Therapy”. Basically, we invited group of individuals in the future and perform when you look at the area and sing. Then there’s also likely to be sound piece that we labored on with this specific actually amazing musician called Shygirl, that will be essentially us in conversation.

What’s the sound piece about? I desired in order to make a bit of sound that is concerning the initial components of a relationship, whenever you meet some body and you’re on your own behaviour that is best. You’re doing the version that is best of yourself, but you’re constantly swapping and admitting things.

Why call it “How Do you realy Feel About Lying?” This girl was met by me and I dating jewish russian also actually fell so in love with her. This is because question – it was like her way of checking that she asked me. That’s where which comes from. I’d never sat and thought about this and I also just began spiralling, I’ve been spiralling since I have had been expected that. It just links therefore completely with performance and it also’s a question that is really uncomfortable.

Do you really remember everything you responded? No! But guess what happens had been interesting: i came across this actually unpleasant to produce. I you will need to comprehend the things that make me personally deeply uncomfortable, i do want to arrive at the base of them. I recently take action in public places, the only path that I’ll really do it really is if We place a romantic date on it and there are various other individuals turning up. How can I experience lying, however? I definitely hate it, really. But from the thing I can comprehend from others, some individuals don’t really appear to care about any of it a great deal – whatever they value is whenever they’re found away, and I also genuinely believe that’s the essential upsetting section of all.

In your ongoing task Dance treatment, you’ve explored club culture therefore the body – do you see nightlife as a place forget about performance and masks, and just be free? No, the opposite. I invested a time that is long about this, and I also now We realise that the only path people accomplish that occurs when they get free from it. Now I’m keen on the masks they wear.

Exactly just How else do masks squeeze into the task? Because of the karaoke aspect: whenever are females permitted to be hysterical? Whenever will they be permitted to be Mary Magdelene? They’re perhaps not. You’re allowed become Aretha Franklin however. You’re allowed become Björk.

What received can you exploring the stages that are initial and gratification, of dropping in love? It can’t be helped by me. We can’t stand that I’m so fascinated with me pertaining to somebody else, however it’s one thing inescapable.

It’s therefore universal though – it might be about you, however it’s a thing that everybody can relate solely to. Exactly. I personally use myself during my work but I’m interchangeable, it may be anybody having a feminine experience. I’ll utilize my face, fingers, vocals, they’re all tools. It’s a sensation that is universal we’ve all been there, I’m actually thinking about universal emotions.

As a musician, exactly exactly what attracts one to centering on making immersive, collaborative experiences in a 3D, physical room?

The print that I make is generally therefore big! I I did so printing benefit Maxilla, during the events every inches of this walls ended up being covered. During my training i really do the thing that is same We make images that’re 8 ft.4. An object, it’s not 2D, the words hook you it’s a way of making that work. Additionally the other folks allow it to be good. I recently keep the strings, I’m setting within the situations for individuals to locate pleasure.

Will there be something that you imagine individuals will a bit surpised in regards to the show? No! It’s funny because I’ve done plenty of programs in a line recently and I also had been really focused on perhaps perhaps not making the thing that is same. Then again i simply thought: it is insane. You create printing, you create sound, you create video clip, you create it about that, that’s exactly what you are doing.

How can you desire visitors to feel when watching it? I believe you need to have your own a reaction to it, I’m maybe maybe not right right here to end up being the karaoke singer. I would like to know very well what you imagine.

What’s next for you personally? a big structure zine, more installations, more sound plus some pop videos. However need a break! I’ve done three shows come july 1st, and I also don’t make “tiptoe through the daisies” kind of work – the very last three iterations have an underbelly that is pretty sinister. I must go while having a precious some time stop thinking about every lie I’ve told.

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