Opt for a private home rather than a complex

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Opt for a private home rather than a complex

Most apartments or residential complexes have certain prerequisites regarding the financial status of the tenants but there are places that you can rent on your student loans.

If you rent a private home, you can avoid dealing with any processes involved with the property management companies. These companies have numerous strict policies regarding their tenants. Therefore, going to someone owning a private home will allow you to explain your situation and they will probably agree to negotiations about the rent.

Ask someone to cosign with you

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Sometimes you might find an apartment that you cannot rent on your own. If such an issue arises, then you can ask a friend or a family member to sign the lease with you. They will have to simply sign the lease and do not have to necessarily move with you. However, if you fail to pay the rent, then the co-signer will have to make the payment.

Make a larger rental deposit

Most homeowners will be willing to rent their place if you are able to pay more upfront. This ensures a large rental/security deposit. If you decide to do this, then consider your other expenses to figure out if you can really afford to make this commitment.

Get a roommate

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The best way to reduce costs is to find yourself a roommate. You can rent the apartment in your name and then ask someone to move in. If you have a roommate with whom you can share the overall living costs, then the whole amount will be significantly less.

Sublet your apartment

Here, the apartment is leased to one person in their name and then the tenant rents it out to someone else. When you sublet a person’s apartment, instead of paying the landlord or the landlady, you will be paying the lessee. Subletting is actually a good option for students as there are no strict policies that can disqualify them as a potential tenant. Also, the apartments are usually sublet for less than https://getbadcreditloan.com/payday-loans-ak/ a year which goes very well with the college terms.


Most international students or immigrants living in the US and attending colleges choose to go with student loans. While these loans pay for tuition, they will also cover living costs (as discussed above). It is highly recommended to use the loans properly by creating and sticking to a budget to stay on top of their expenditure.

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